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Why use a travel agent?

We take the stress out of planning a trip. You do not lose control of the process. You still have the final decision. We help narrow down your options. Did you know that Orlando has about 122,000 hotels? Which one is right for your family?

Travel agents have been to many of the popular areas and hotels. If not, we know someone who has. Firsthand experience is better than any online review website.

We get to know you, the client. Not every hotel and destination is right for every person. And with that knowledge, they become more than just a client. A good travel agent will ask you how your children are, or how your parents are doing.

We have knowledge of upcoming sales and promotions. We also have the ability to add new promotions to your reservation if they benefit you.

We have tips to make your vacation better. From the little store on the corner that is a must visit, to the best little Italian restaurant off the beaten path, we make your vacation better.

We are your advocate. When things do not go just right, a travel professional knows whom to call to get it fixed on the spot. If your flight is canceled, just have a seat and pick up the phone while the rest of the passengers are lined up trying to rebook. Didn’t get the room category you booked? No need to argue with the front desk. One call will get it corrected.

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